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We love finding unique, affordable & essential items that complement our products. You will surely enjoy these accessories with your purchase and we promise to continue adding to our inventory. Please continue reading for more details and Click our "Shop" button below to see these items and many more. Thank you for your support!

Natural/Dark Wood Soap Holder

Soap holders are essential as they help natural soaps dry after each use. These wood holders are a perfect decorative piece for any vanity. 

Plastic Soap Holder

This type of holder is perfect to keep in the shower. It will maintain your soap dry and help it last longer.  

Exfoliating Natural Sisal Soap Bag

Don't forget this sisal soap bag for your natural soaps. It will help produce a nice lather while also exfoliating your skin. Hang it up after each use and it will also keep your soap dry.

Face Cleansing Sponge 

A simple but essential facial sponge. Use daily with your favorite Pura Tierra Inka Blends soap. 

Face Exfoliating Brush

A natural facial brush that cleans, exfoliates, massages & removes blackheads. Use 1 to 3 times a week with your favorite Pura Tierra Inka Blends soap. 

Spa Headband

Perfect for keeping your hair up while using your favorite Pura Tierra Inka Blends products. We currently carry black & white headbands with a cute decorative Llama charm. Check them out and order yours up today!

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