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Unique & Beautiful

Take a look and pick your favorite 100% soy wax candle. Each one is hand-poured and delicately decorated for a unique look. We currently carry year-round and seasonal scents to warm up any room. Click below to visit our Online Shop, see more details and available selections. Thank you for your support.

Kaphiy (Coffee)

Allin Tuta (Lavender) 

Nueva Vida (Floral) 

Pasión Inka (Love)

Mamita (Rose & Vanilla)

Chicha Morada (Exotic/Festive)

Carnavales (Sweet Summer)

Kachi-Kachi (Indoor Mosquito Control)

Tecito Con Limon (Citrus)

Puquy Mit'a (Available in Fall)

Chullo Time (Available in Christmas)

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