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Natural & Organic

At Pura Tierra Inka Blends we enjoy creating natural soaps with a purpose. We currently carry many varieties, each with a unique blend that is not only all-natural but also works for you. Everyone needs a soap they can rely on and you can be sure we have what you need. Take a look at your options below and visit our Online Shop for more details.

Chamán (complexion & acne)

His & Hers Shaving Bar (smooth shave & prevents razor burn)

Pacha Mama (rashes & irritation)

Honey Nazca (naturally lightens & and exfoliates skin )

Kon (sensitive skin)

Coya (nourish & moisturize)

Cuzco (detox & and helps with oily skin)

Oro De Los Inca (sun damage, skin tone & fine lines)

Titicaca (hydrates, rejuvenates & oil control)

Chicha Morada (rich with beneficial antioxidants)

Maracuyá (sun damage, dry & and oily skin)

Alma De La Amazona (vitamin-rich exfoliator)

El Dragón (skin repair exfoliator)

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