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Unique and Aromatic

Aromatherapy has been around and used for thousands of years. In fact, most ancient civilizations had some form of Aromatherapy and now with essential oils we too can benefit from compounds extracted from plants. At Pura Tierra Inka Blends we have created 9 unique essential oil rollers that will promote your overall wellbeing. Please click below to see more details and take a look at our current selection.

Amazonian Love Spirit (Love & Romance)

Awake Inca Spirit (Uplifting & energy )

Breathe Inca (Respiratory health, colds, allergies & congestion) 

Serenity in Machu Picchu (Anxiety & Stress)

Proteccion Kachi-Kachi (Bug Repelent/Protection)

Espiritu Inca (Spiritual Balance)

Cajamarca (Headaches)

Inti (Menstrual Cramps)

Uca Pacha (Sleep aid & Resting)

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